The Indonesian Update — Volume XIII, No.5 – May 2019 (English Version)

The May 2019 edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main report on the evaluation of the presidential and vice presidential threshold requirement in the 2019 presidential elections. This theme is very relevant because in the 2019 presidential elections, two candidates were the ones who also contested the 2014 presidential elections. This is partly due to the high threshold requirement to contest the presidential election.

In the economic field, the Indonesian Update discusses the commemoration of World Labor Day that falls on 1 May.. As in previous years, during the action of this year’s Labor Day, workers in Indonesia again demanded a wage increase. In addition, in the economic field, it also discusses Bank Indonesia’s monetary policy. This is quite relevant, because of the uncertainty and slowdown in the global economy that require appropriate policy responses.

In the legal sector, the Indonesian Update raises a theme on the consequences of the declarations of victory in the 2019 presidential elections by one of the candidate pairs. This is very important to discuss, because the declarations of victory have the potential to be criminalized, referring to Law No. 1/1946 on Criminal Law. In addition, the field of law also discusses the 21-year journey of reform, particularly regional autonomy in Indonesia.

In the political field, the Indonesian Update has a theme on resolving past gross human rights violations in the reform era. Furthermore, it also discusses the evaluation of the implementation of the 2019 simultaneous elections. This theme is relevant to be discussed because the consequences of the implementation of simultaneous election models take a long and tiring time. As a result, the big numbers of casualties and fatalities due to fatigue.

In the social sector, the Indonesian Update raises a theme on the challenges of women’s political representation in the policy-making process during the reform era. In addition, we also discuss the reflection on the inclusiveness of health services in Indonesia.

The monthly publication of the Indonesian Update with actual themes is expected to help policy makers in government and business institutions – as well as academics, think tanks, and elements of civil society, both domestic and foreign, to obtain actual information and contextual analysis of economic conditions, politics, social, and law in Indonesia, as well as an understanding of public policy in Indonesia.

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