The Indonesian Update — Volume XII, No.3 – April 2018 (English Version)

Health issue is one of public policy issues included in political campaigns. How is health issue packaged in the direct regional election campaigns? In the lead-up to the 2018 direct regional elections, the April 2018 edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main topic about the Reflection on Health Issues from the 2017 Direct Regional Elections.  

On the economy, the Indonesian Update touches on the challenges and opportunities arising from the education load program and also on the zero down payment housing program introduced by the Jakarta Provincial Government. On politics, we discuss sole candidates in the direct regional elections and also promoting open governance in the post-2018 direct regional election period.

On politics, we also talk about the coalitions for the 2019 presidential elections. Another important political topic is the maintenance of DPD honour in the 2019 elections. On social affairs, the Indonesian Update talks about the issues surrounding the land titles.

The regular publication of the Indonesian Update with its actual themes is expected to help policy makers in government and business environment — as well as academics, think tanks, and other elements of civil society, both within and outside the country, to get the actual information and contextual analysis of economic, legal, political, cultural and social developments in Indonesia, as well as to understand the public policy in Indonesia.


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The Indonesian Update — Volume XII, No.3 – April 2018 (English Version)