The Indonesian Update Volume IX No 01 August-September 2014 (English)

Towards the end of its tenure, the government of SBY has been tested again by considering a decision that will invite a dilemma. The current administration is faced again with the issue of fuel subsidy. On the one hand, the fuel subsidy budget use has exceeded the target. But on the other hand, restricting the use of subsidized fuel policy or reducing the budget allocation can also invite the community’s anger.

The August-September 2014’s edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main theme on “Fuel Subsidy and Half-Hearted Policy”. On law, it talks about “Delegitimation of the Presidential General Election”. On politics, it reviews “A Look at the Quality of the 2014 Presidential Election”. On social affairs, it discusses “A Look at theUrbanization Problem”.

In addition, on law, this edition of the Indonesian Update also discusses “the Last Stage of Legislation”. And in politics, it touches on “The Establishment of the Transitional House, Highlighting Jokowi-JK”.

Publication of the Indonesian Update regularly with actual themes is expected to help policy makers in government and business environment — as well as academics, think tanks, and other elements of civil society, both within and outside the country — to get the actual information and contextual analysis of the economic, legal, political, cultural and social developments in Indonesia, as well as to understand the public policy in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Update Volume IX No 01 August-September 2014 (English)