The Indonesian Update — Volume XII, No.2 – March 2018 (English Version)

Gender inequality in our legislative bodies is an unsolved problem. This has resulted in women becoming less involved in policy-making and in policies that are not gender sensitive. The main report of the March 2018 edition of the Indonesian Update raises this issue. In relation to the International Women’s Day, it calls on political parties to support female legislative candidates.

On the economy, the Indonesian Update discusses “the Challenges to Improve the Roles of E-Commerce in Indonesia and “the 16th Economic Package”. On political affairs, it talks about “Criticizing the Rule Prohibiting Campaign in the Period after the Parties Contesting the 2019 Elections are Verified” and “the Threats of Using Hate Speech in Political Campaigns”.

On social affairs, it discusses “the provision of women-only railway carriages” and the launch of the Jakarta Senior Citizen Cards. It also talks about financial and non-financial motives for health workers to work in remote places.

The regular publication of the Indonesian Update with its actual themes is expected to help policy makers in government and business environment — as well as academics, think tanks, and other elements of civil society, both within and outside the country, to get the actual information and contextual analysis of economic, legal, political, cultural and social developments in Indonesia, as well as to understand the public policy in Indonesia.

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The Indonesian Update — Volume XII, No.2 – March 2018 (English Version)