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The Indonesian Updated-Vol.XII, No. 12-Februari 2019-English (Version)

The February 2019 edition of Indonesian Update raises a main topic on the group of people who will abstain from voting (golput) in the 2019 elections. Golput has become a hot issue lately. Some parties have declared to be Golput on 17 April 2019. Even though to abstain from voting is the right of a voter, the benefits of becoming ...

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The Indonesian Update — Volume XII, No.2 – March 2018 (English Version)

Gender inequality in our legislative bodies is an unsolved problem. This has resulted in women becoming less involved in policy-making and in policies that are not gender sensitive. The main report of the March 2018 edition of the Indonesian Update raises this issue. In relation to the International Women’s Day, it calls on political parties to support female legislative candidates. ...

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