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The Indonesian Update — Volume XIII, No.4 – April 2019 (English Version)

The April 2019 edition of the Indonesian Update presents a main report on disaster policy in Indonesia. This theme is very suitable as Indonesia is a country that is vulnerable to disasters. Therefore, it is not only the role of the Government to deal with disaster issues. Other sectors in the country also have the roles in dealing with disaster ...

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The Indonesia Update -Volume XII No. 4 May 2018 (English Version)

The May 2018 edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main theme on the Inefficient Debt Utilization by the Government. This issue has become a concern, as debt utilization should improve development productivity and effectiveness in order to avoid state budget deficits from happening. On politics, the Indonesian Update discussed the idea of reinstating DPRDs’ authority to elect regional heads. ...

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The Indonesian Update — Volume XII, No.3 – April 2018 (English Version)

Health issue is one of public policy issues included in political campaigns. How is health issue packaged in the direct regional election campaigns? In the lead-up to the 2018 direct regional elections, the April 2018 edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main topic about the Reflection on Health Issues from the 2017 Direct Regional Elections.   On the economy, ...

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