Researcher Urges ITE Law Revision; Notes Multiple Interpretation Aspect

TEMPO.COJakarta – The Indonesian Institute (TII) Center for Public Policy Research  executive director Adinda Tenriangke Muchtar on Wednesday urged the government to revise the malleable laws contained in the electronic information and transactions law or ITE Law.

“The troublesome sets of Articles are worsened by the weak human rights perspective and civilian freedom from the human resources that are mobilized to uphold the ITE Law,” said Muchtar on June 23.

Muchtar argues that there are Articles in the law with multiple interpretations based on the institute’s studies and said that state apparatus tends to run the law with their own perspectives. In some cases, he argues, authorities interpret the law subjectively.

“Their actions have in fact ignored the mandate of Article 4 (E) of the ITE Law, which is meant to provide a sense of security, justice, and legal certainty,” said Muchtar.

The TII research gave several recommendations such as making clear distinctions between expression and a law violator; initiating collaboration between executive and legislation upon handling the ITE Law Articles with multiple interpretations; and lastly returning the law’s nature to its intended purpose.