Update Indonesia Volume V No. 07 November 2010 (English)

Yudhoyono administration was marked by many demonstrations showing the people’s disappointments. There was little appreciation shown by the people. Even though Yudhoyono has conveyed to the public a variety of his achievements, which had been done by the government within one year, it is a bit difficult to give a positive appreciation to the government’s performance amidst piling problems.

It is fair to say that the level of public satisfaction of the SBY-Boediono government nowadays has declined. The indicators of the decrease in the public appreciation of the performance of the government could be seen from various survey results. According to the survey results of the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), for example, public satisfaction of the government had experienced a downswing in trend.

If the government’s performance photographed from the survey results were still considered low and not worthy of appreciation, then how about the government’s performance viewed by a more substantive approach, that is, the experience felt directly by the people.

This edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main theme on the evaluation of performance of the SBY-Boediono administration. It also raises some important topics in the fields of political and social affairs. On legal affairs, it talks about the Constitutional Court’s decision on book banning. On politics, it discusses the postponement of the President’s visit to the Netherlands and the Bill on
DIY. On social affairs, it discusses the procedures to deal with anarchy.

Update Indonesia Volume V No. 07 November 2010 (English)