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Update Indonesia Volume IV No. 09 February 2010 (English)

During 2009, a number of kidnapping cases of children (especially infants) had caught the public’s attention. The National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) revealed that during 2009 there was an increase in the number of child kidnapping cases. This was based on complaints that were submitted to the Commission. In the year 2008, there were 72 reported cases of infant kidnapping cases in the Greater Jakarta area – 12 of them occurred at maternity hospitals. In 2009, there were 102 reported cases, with 38 kidnappings taking place at maternity hospitals.

Economic motives, whether in the form of a ransom or child trafficking, have become the main motives of some kidnapping cases. The target locations of the kidnappers have also widened. In the recent developments, it appears that the kidnappers have begun to target maternity hospitals (hospitals or health centers) as the target location of the abduction. Child-trafficking practices that characterize the infant/child abduction stories have indeed become a fact since a few years ago. This edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main theme on the child kidnapping phenomenon.

The Indonesian Update also talks about some important topics from several fields. On the economy and finance, it discusses the financial sector’s regulations and the pros and cons about hot money. On politics, it talks about fees for government officials, the chances of impeachment, and the KIB II cabinet reshuffle. On social affairs, it raises a topic on the protection over Indonesian migrant workers.

Update Indonesia Volume IV No. 09 February 2010 (English)