The Indonesian Update – Volume XII,No. 7- August 2018 (English Version)

The August 2018 edition of the Indonesian Update raises the main report on the corporate actions by PT. Pertamina. The government’s decision to approve the sale of PT. Pertamina’s assets to the private sector have been a hot topic in recent weeks. The question then is whether the corporate actions that were the results of asset sales could become an alternative to maintain the sustainability of PT Pertamina’s performance?
On politics, the Indonesian Update reviews the organizing of the 2018 Asian Games as a strategic moment to show Indonesia’s development progress. Another political topic is the dynamics ahead of the registration of 2019 presidential and vice presidential candidates.
The Indonesian Update also touches on a topic on criticizing a political party commitments in combating corruption and on the prison governance reform in Indonesia. The prison issue has been sparked by the arrest of the head of the Sukamiskin Prison, who had given special facilities and permits to a number of prisoners.
On social affairs, the Indonesian Update discusses the topic on the 25th anniversary of the National Commission on Human Rights, which encourages the institution to become better in upholding and promoting human rights in Indonesia. Two other social topics are the International ASI week in the first week of August and the program of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in overcoming the Black River problem. Experts have argued that using a net to
cover the river is ineffective if the aim is to reduce the stinging smell from the river.
The monthly publications of the Indonesian Update with its actual themes are expected to help policymakers in the government and business institutions as well as academics, think tanks, and elements of civil society, both at home and abroad, to get actual information and contextual analysis of economic, political, social and legal conditions in Indonesia, as well as an understanding of public policy in Indonesia.
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