The Indonesian Update-Volume XII, No 5-June 2018 (English version)

The June 2018 edition of Indonesia Update raises a main theme on the revision of the Terrorism Act and the Virtue of Deradicalization. This is still a trending issue, as the government has just passed the revision of Law No. 15/2013 on Terrorism. The changes in the Terrorism Act will be discussed in this update.

On politics, the Indonesia Update discusses two issues, stopping persecution and terrorism as diversion by the state. The issue of persecution is inseparable from the hard-line actions of radicalism groups against individuals or groups considered different from them. The other issue is some people’s interpretations of terror events a month ago, including the interpretation of terrorism as diversion by the state.

On the economy, the Indonesia Update talks about the impact of bombs on stock market movements and about measuring economic potential of the Asian Games event in Jakarta.

On social affairs, the Indonesia Update touches on the national family day on June 29 that focuses on post-childbirth family planning. Two other social issues being discussed are the impact of life expectancy and preventing violent extremism amongst children by education. The acts of terror that involved children have sparked the concerns of many people, especially in education sector.

The monthly publication of the Update Indonesia with actual themes are expected to help policy makers in government and business institutions – as well as academics, think tanks, and civil society elements, both within and outside the country, to obtain actual information and contextual analysis of economic, political, social, and legal in Indonesia, as well as an understanding of public policy in Indonesia.


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The Indonesian Update-Volume XII, No 5-June 2018 (English version)