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The Indonesian Updated-Vol.XII, No. 11-Januari 2019-English (Version)

The January 2019 Edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main report on “stunting and the financial burden of BPJS”. This is an actual theme, as the ongoing BPJS financial problems are actually related to the stunting problem in Indonesia. Stunting can be detected since two years old and can contribute to a long-term swelling of BPJS’ financing. On politics, ...

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The Indonesian Update Volume IX, No. 11 October 2015 (English)

The main report in the October 2015 edition of the Indonesian Update is  “A Look at the Position of the People, the Corporations, and the State in Agrarian Conflicts”. On economic affairs, it discusses  “The Hope for Economic Advancement in the Tourism Sector.” On political affairs, it discusses “Testing the Commitment to Eradicating Corruption in Indonesia”.  On social affairs, it ...

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