Update Indonesia Volume VIII No. 10 May 2014 (English)

Dear Colleagues,

Hope this email finds you well. Attached is the monthly publication of The Indonesian Institute, Center for Public Policy Research (TII), The Indonesian Update — Volume VIII, No. 10 – May 2014 (English version).

The May 2014’s edition of the Indonesian Update raises a main theme on “Notes from the 2014 Legislative Elections”. On  politics, it talks about “Observing the Plan on Coalition of Islamic Political Parties”. On social affairs, it reviews “Questioning (Again) Sexual Abuse against Children”.

In addition, in this edition of the Indonesian Update, on politics, it also discusses “A Look at Potential Female Candidates”, and “Legislative election chaos and the Future of Democracy”. On social affairs, it touches on “The Repair Facilities and Infrastructures for Railways”.

Update Indonesia Volume VIII No. 10 May 2014 (English)