The Indonesian Update — Volume XVII , No.8 – August 2023 (English Version)

The August 2023 edition of the Indonesian Update presents a main report regarding the phenomenon of hijab politics and the information dissemination of elections carried out by female candidates. It is important to push for a revision of PKPU to promote the clarity of rules and legal certainty in information dissemination and campaign arrangements ahead of the upcoming 2024 General Elections and Pilkada.

In the economic field, the Indonesian Update raises the issue of non-tariff barriers that have a crucial role in growing international trade; for example, in exports and imports. The lower the non-tariff barriers, the more positive impact it will have on net exports. This will increase the number of more competitive products. Furthermore, we also discuss the millennial age group, which is often considered as the generation that is difficult to own property; for example, in terms of land and housing ownerships. The government needs to increase the protection of property rights to build a healthy investment climate, thus encouraging a sustainable economy.

In the legal field, the Indonesian Update touches on the polemics over the intimidation by members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) in legal cases in Indonesia. In order to create a state with rule of law principles, the law and its enforcement must apply to everyone, regardless of their status in the society. Next, we also discuss a comparison of the age settings for presidential and vice presidential candidates. It is important to define clear criteria for presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the Election Law and other political-related regulations. Because one’s intelligence, thinking, and political capability cannot be determined by age alone.

In the political field, the Indonesian Update raises the impact of the widespread practice of money politics, which will encourage an increase in political corruption practices committed by public officials generated by political parties through elections. Therefore, in July 2023, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) also launched a campaign with the slogan “Hajar Serangan Fajar”.

In the social field, the Indonesian Update raises the issue that silencing freedom of opinion and expression in civil society can be a serious obstacle to the course of development. In addition, the uncertain political situation and the absence of legal certainty can result in a decrease in the world’s level of trust in the running government, including closing foreign investment opportunities.

Furthermore, we also discuss education equity and the provision of quality education services, which are still a challenge from time to time. The emergence of alternative educational institutions and educational institutions managed by the private sector needs to be supported to contribute to the efforts to promote educational equity and improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

It is hoped that the monthly publication of the Indonesian Update with current themes will help policy makers in government and business institutions – as well as academics, think tanks and elements of civil society, both domestic and foreign, to obtain actual information and contextual analysis on economic conditions. political, social, and legal in Indonesia, as well as an understanding of public policy in Indonesia.


Happy reading.

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