The Indonesian Update — Volume XIII, No.4 – April 2019 (English Version)

The April 2019 edition of the Indonesian Update presents a main report on disaster policy in Indonesia. This theme is very suitable as Indonesia is a country that is vulnerable to disasters. Therefore, it is not only the role of the Government to deal with disaster issues. Other sectors in the country also have the roles in dealing with disaster issues in Indonesia. In addition, disaster policy must consider vulnerable groups with a more integrated approach .

In the economic field, the Indonesian Update discusses aircraft fares that have led to various speculations. In addition, in the economic field, this edition of the Indonesian Update also discusses the Women and Indonesia’s economy. This is quite relevant, because on 21 April we commemorate Kartini Day.

In the field of law, the Indonesian Update raises a theme on the threat of prosecution against election administrators. This is very important to discuss, because it is not only related to public trust in state institutions that will be eroded but also will trigger chaos. In addition, the legal section discusses the practices of political corruption in Indonesia. Therefore, several concrete steps are needed that must be started from the handling of political parties.

In the political field, the Indonesian Update raises a theme on elections from various aspects, such as the role of the electoral committees, which is very important in maintaining public confidence in the election results. The next aspect is the difference in survey results ahead of voting. The other aspect is the discussion about the proposed programs from both  presidential candidates in the field of governance revealed in the Fourth Debate. In addition to election issues, the Indonesian Update also discusses the acts of terror that occurred in New Zealand. This needs to be addressed with anti- terror mitigation policies because they have the potential to be an inspiration or source of disappointment that will trigger acts of terrorism in Indonesia.

 The monthly publication of the Indonesian Update with actual themes is expected to help policy makers in government and business institutions – as well as academics, think tanks, and elements of civil society, both domestic and foreign, to obtain actual information and contextual analysis of economic conditions, politics, social, and law in Indonesia, as well as an understanding of public policy in Indonesia.

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